Special Event Tips

Will I need temporary restrooms?

When considering the use of temporary restrooms for your event, ask yourself the following questions:

Will food or alcohol be served?
Events where food and alcohol are served necessitate the need for added restroom facilities. Also important is the need for portable toilet facilities which include hand washing capabilities.

Are permanent toilet facilities available and easily accessible?
Consider the adequacy and accessibility of any available permanent toilet facilities. If the event is large and being held in an outdoor venue, restrooms should be clearly marked, easy to get to and use, as well as in adequate numbers for the amount of guests. If the event is held at a residence, consider the amount of traffic through the home to use the permanent facilities.

Are the permanent toilet facilities served by a septic system?
Increased usage puts a strain on any septic system. To prevent a septic emergency, added temporary portable toilet facilities are recommended.

Will there be guests with special needs or young children in attendance?
Guests with special needs may require a more accessible restroom facility. Also, parents with young children may need a larger area within the restroom for easier navigation.

If you are still unsure, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Restroom Placement Considerations

When planning the placement of your temporary restroom, it's important to consider the following:

Location: The location should be easily accessible for a truck to unload the restroom. The site should also be dry and level so the truck will not get stuck and the restroom will not sink or become unbalanced. If the ground is saturated, it may be best to locate the portable toilet on the street or driveway instead.

Placement: Carefully consider the size of the unit you have chosen. Add to the measurement to ensure proper placement. If the unit chosen is a trailer, consider what will be adjacent to it when it is being delivered and maneuvered by a truck to fit in to the space. Discuss any constraints carefully with your account executive. Don’t leave out any detail, as it could have an effect on the success of placement.

Service: If any servicing is required during your event, the service vehicle must be able to enter the site and maneuver as close as possible to the restroom to perform the service.

Note: You must be aware that the noise and smell created when the vacuum truck is pumping a restroom is at a high level. This may cause a disturbance and should be considered when scheduling service.

Style & Decorating Tips for your Portable Restroom

When browsing for a temporary restroom for your event, keep style and decor in mind. Most of our restrooms are fairly neutral but small touches can be added to personalize and enhance the ambiance of your event.

  • For a wedding, you can provide guests with a restroom accessory basket lined with colored fabric to coordinate with your wedding colors.
  • Place a small coordinating floral arrangement inside the restroom for an upscale look.
  • Potpourri and scented sachets add a light fragrance and elevate the senses.
  • A large potted garden arrangement placed outside of the restroom can help guide guests towards the entry door, as well as hide any undesirable exterior features.

How many portable toilets will I need?

While selecting the right number of temporary restroom units is not an exact science, the following chart can be used as a guide for the number of portable toilets needed for the number of people in attendance. This chart is based on a 50/50 mix of men and women with no service scheduled for the restrooms during the event.

Enjoy some quick tips to help make your event great.
(Based on University of Minnesota and the Portable Sanitation Association research)

  • A portable toilet generally has a capacity to service 400 uses.
  • Most people use the washroom every 2 – 3 hours.
  • If you have 2000 people, using the unit 4 times a day, the math says 20 units. However, you may have a line-up problem at peak times
    (before or after a concert, or after a meal.)
  • Men take approximately 2 minutes in the washroom, Women take twice as long. So, if you have the units gender labeled, take this into consideration (designate every 2 out of 3 as ladies’)
  • Have the sinks placed outside of the units if possible to alleviate line-ups.
  • Provide garbage receptacles so that all those water and beer bottles don’t end up in the toilet.

Important questions you should be asking yourself when ordering:

  • How Many units do I need?
  • Are VIP type units needed?
  • Is WheelChair access a concern?
  • Can the units be dropped off a few days before and picked up a few after and event?
  • Will you be preparing food outside? Is a food preparation sink required?
  • If renting a washroom or shower trailer is adequate power on site?
  • Is the ground level?
  • Will you requiring additional servicing throughout your event?