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Product Information

Finally, an upscale portable restroom with more space and fresh water flushing toilets without the need for water or electrical hookups!

The VIP-Monosan restroom is a technologically advanced unit requiring no outside water or power source. The VIP-Monosan is completely self-contained and made. Made of an attractive semi-opaque material that lets in the natural light from its surroundings into the unit.

Best yet, The VIP-Monosan has been designed with upscale amenities, making it perfect for high end special events, weddings or remote locations where fresh water is necessary. The spacious interior boasts 30 percent more floor space than other temporary restrooms. Fresh water flows in both the sink and toilet using the foot pedals or hand pump. The vanity area includes a sink, soap and paper towel dispensers. Finally, overhead lighting cuts through the darkness to provide better visibility and enhanced safety.

Service for our portable toilet equipment includes cleaning the restroom, removing the waste from the tank, refilling the sink with fresh water and restocking the supplies as needed. Portable toilet service may be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly or any other schedule based on your individual requirements. Each service performed on site is documented within the restroom for your convenience.

  • External 64" x 54" x 90"
  • Waste Capacity 40 US gallons
  • Fresh water capacity 41.4 US gallons
  • Fresh water flush unit
  • Fresh water sink with soap and paper towels
  • Heat-treated aluminum doorjamb designed to withstand frontal impact
  • Water pump urinal
  • Vent pipe directed from the waste tank to the outside to help lower the odour from the unit
  • Constructed with MonoPanĀ®, a honeycomb composite panel. These panels are translucent, allowing natural light to filter through.
  • A salt water brine is placed in unit to avoid freeze up
    Included Equipment
  • Fresh water flush with seat
  • Oversized urinal to help maintain cleanliness
  • Sink
  • Soap dispenser
  • Paper towel dispenser
  • Toilet paper dispenser
    Included in Services
  • Emptying of waste
  • Re-filling fresh water
  • Re-filling soap, paper and toilet paper
  • Washing the toilet, sink, urinal and floor
  • Client is responsible for disposal of garbage