Product Information

Our smallest mobile restroom Hard-walled unit the VIP-1, features a fully self-contained unisex restroom. The small footprint makes the VIP-1 the perfect choice for small or remotely located construction sites. The VIP-1 is accepted by the Ontario ministry of Labour.

The VIP-1 is designed to withstand our harsh winter but give our customers the creature comforts of home. With access to Hot and cold water as well as a flush toilet, this unit will definitely be appreciated on a construction site.

Service for our portable toilet equipment includes cleaning the restroom, removing the waste from the tank, refilling the sink with fresh water and restocking the supplies as needed. Portable toilet service may be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly or any other schedule based on your individual requirements. Each service performed on site is documented within the restroom for your convenience.

  • External 72" X 72" X 108" or 60" X 56" X 108"
  • Footprint required: 110" X 72" or 60" X 92"
  • Water capacity 63gal
  • Waste capacity 166gal
    Power Requirements
  • 2 X 120V 15Amp breakers
  • A third 120V 15Amp breaker is needed for winter use
  • Client to provide any extension cords that may be required to connect the restroom
  • Fully winterized
  • Unit must be installed on level, solid ground
  • All prices are based on a maximum 1 hour setup unless stated otherwise)
  • Must be powered with heat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • After delivery the unit must be powered & heated for 24 hours prior to being filled with water.
    Included Equipment
  • Ceramic, low flush toilets
  • Urinal
  • Low flow sink with hot & cold running water
  • Liquid soap dispensers
  • Paper towel dispensers
  • Interior lights
  • Heating
    Included in Services
  • Filling with fresh water
  • Emptying of waste
  • Filling the soap, toilet paper and paper towels
  • Washing the toilet, sink, mirror and floor
  • Client is responsible for disposal of garbage