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Standard Non-Flush

Product Information

The standard non-flush is our most economical individual restroom solution and is perfect for some construction sites as well as small and large special events where budget is a consideration.

The Standard non-flush features a single toilet and urinal and may be used in conjunction with a hand sanitizer or HandiWash stations for extra comfort and increased sanitation.

The Standard non-flush is also available with a sling so that the toilet can be lifted with a crane for elevated job site locations.

Service for our portable toilet equipment includes cleaning the restroom, removing the waste from the tank and restocking the supplies as needed. Portable toilet service may be scheduled daily, weekly, monthly or any other schedule based on your individual requirements. Each service performed on site is documented within the restroom for your convenience.

  • External 43.5" X 47" X 91"
  • Weight 189lbs
  • Waste Capacity 50gal
  • Non-flush static unit
  • Tall door
  • Heat-treated aluminum doorjamb designed to withstand frontal impact
  • Angled vents to help keep precipitation out of toilet
  • Exhaust port directly from the waste tank to the outside to help lower the odour from the unit
  • A salt water brine is placed in unit to avoid freeze up
    Included Equipment
  • Non-flush tank with seat
  • Oversized urinal to help maintain cleanliness
  • Hand sanitizer
    Included in Services
  • Emptying of waste
  • Filling the hand sanitizer
  • Washing the toilet and floor
  • Client responsible for disposal of garbage