Construction Tips

How many restrooms do I need?

Generally the rule is one regular single unit for every 10 workers based on a 40 hour work week, however there are several factors to take into account. The ratio of male to female visitors/staff and food consumption are factors that change this calculation. We’re the experts. Call us and we’d be happy to figure it all out for you!

Cold Weather Tips

Here are a few tips to help avoid unnecessary service calls for your temporary restroom equipment during the cold weather:

  • Portable Restroom Units should be easily accessible for service vehicles, preferably close to a road or paved area. Try to keep them away from areas that may be plowed in and away from muddy areas where service vehicles may get stuck.
  • If you have a flushing unit, never flush any paper towels or feminine products down the toilet, especially during the winter months. These items can freeze in the pipe and cause a clog.
  • If you have a wastewater holding tank under your trailer, make sure you have the heater plugged in to an “always hot” 120 volt GFI receptacle. The heater must be plugged in to prevent the contents of the waste tank from freezing.

Restroom Placement Considerations

When planning the placement of your temporary restroom, it's important to consider the following:

Location: The location should be easily accessible for a truck to unload the restroom. The site should also be dry and level so the truck will not get stuck and the restroom will not sink or become unbalanced. If the ground is saturated, it may be best to locate the portable toilet on the street or driveway instead.

Placement: Carefully consider the size of the unit you have chosen. Add to the measurement to ensure proper placement. If the unit chosen is a trailer, consider what will be adjacent to it when it is being delivered and maneuvered by a truck to fit in to the space. Discuss any constraints carefully with your account executive. Don’t leave out any detail, as it could have an effect on the success of placement.

Service: The service vehicle must be able to enter the site and maneuver as close as possible to the restroom to perform the service.

What type of toilet do you recommend?

We have several Ministry of Labour code standard units available for rental. We recommend renting at least a Chemical Flush Toilet with a Water Sink.

Do you service the toilet?

Yes, a weekly service is included in the rental price.

Do you have toilets that can be moved with a crane?

Yes, we can add a crane hook to the unit at no additional cost.

Do you have toilets that go inside a building?

Yes we have interior units. These units are on wheels and can be moved by hoist or crane hook.